If your back is still hurting despite a conservative treatment program, Jorge Isaza, MD, of Spine Specialists of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can help. Dr. Isaza is one of select few surgeons to specialize in advanced, minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery, a technique that minimizes pain and tissue damage while maximizing accuracy and speeding up your recovery. Call Spine Specialists of Louisiana today for more information, or schedule an appointment using the online form.

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What is endoscopic spine surgery?

Endoscopic spine surgery is one of the most technologically advanced techniques in spinal surgery. In this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Isaza inserts a flexible device called an endoscope into your back.

The endoscope has a tiny camera and a light source on one end. The camera relays images of your internal tissues to a screen in the operating room, giving Dr. Isaza a clear view of the bones, muscles, discs, and connective tissues that make up your spine.

Endoscopes are also hollow, so Dr. Isaza can pass the slim surgical instruments he uses down the tube to the surgery site.

Dr. Isaza was one of the first surgeons in the country to master endoscopic spine surgery from its early days in 2007. He is still one of only 50 or so surgeons in the United States to perform this kind of surgery.

What are the advantages of endoscopic spine surgery?

The benefits of endoscopic spine surgery stem from its minimally invasive nature. Unlike traditional open surgery, endoscopic surgery doesn’t require large incisions. In fact, the incisions Dr. Isaza makes are less than a centimeter in length.

Smaller incisions cause less damage to the tissues than open incisions, providing many advantages:

  • Significant reduction in pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Minimal scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery

Having a better view thanks to the endoscope enables Dr. Isaza to perform spine surgery with the utmost accuracy.

What are the endoscopic spine surgery procedures?

Endoscopic spine surgeries that Dr. Isaza performs include:

Endoscopic lumbar discectomy

Lumbar discectomy is a solution for nerve pain in your lower back and legs that’s due to pressure on your spinal nerves. The most common cause of this type of pain is a herniated disc.

During endoscopic lumbar discectomy, Dr. Isaza carefully moves the nerve roots out of the way and takes out the herniated part of your disc.

Endoscopic foraminotomy

Bony overgrowths can pinch your spinal nerves, causing pain in your lower back, legs, or buttocks. During endoscopic foraminotomy, Dr. Isaza enlarges the space (the foramen) in your vertebrae around the roots of your spinal nerves.

Endoscopic facet rhizotomy

Facet joints in your spine link the vertebrae together. They can develop arthritis, just like other joints, causing chronic back pain. Using endoscopic guidance, Dr. Isaza targets the nerve roots around your facet joints with laser energy to disable them.

Endoscopic lumbar laminotomy

Nerve roots in your spine can also come under pressure from thickened ligaments and bone spurs. Dr. Isaza uses endoscopic spine surgery techniques to reduce bone spurs and other tissues that are pressing on your nerves.

Fewer than 100 surgeons worldwide do endoscopic spine surgery, so Dr. Isaza’s skills are highly sought. He continues to develop new endoscopic techniques to solve a variety of spine problems.

To find out if endoscopic spine surgery could help relieve your back pain, call Spine Specialists of Louisiana today or book an appointment online.