Whether your back pain hasn’t improved with your current treatment or you face a decision about spine surgery, a second opinion helps you make the best choice for your health and wellness. With years of experience treating spine problems and performing minimally invasive spine surgery, Jorge Isaza, MD, at Spine Specialists of Louisiana has the expertise you need to learn about your options and make informed decisions about your health care. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or use the online booking feature.

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What is a second opinion?

A second opinion refers to seeking the advice of a qualified physician who is different from your current health care provider.

Dr. Isaza provides second opinions for the full scope of spine problems, including spinal injuries, degenerative diseases, and chronic pain. As a board-certified spine surgeon and an expert in endoscopic spine surgery, patients frequently seek his expertise when they need a second opinion about surgery.

When you come in for a second opinion, Dr. Isaza reviews your current medical records and symptoms and performs a thorough examination, including diagnostic imaging if needed. Then he talks with you about your diagnosis and treatment options.

When should I seek a second opinion?

You should consider getting a second opinion any time you’re uncertain about the best choice for treating a spine condition.

Patients often schedule an appointment with Dr. Isaza for a second opinion when they:

  • Face a difficult medical decision
  • Want to know if certain tests are necessary
  • Want to learn if they have other treatment options
  • Don’t get optimal results with their current treatment
  • Still have pain after back surgery
  • Aren’t comfortable with their first doctor
  • Have different goals than their first doctor
  • Worry that they don’t have the right diagnosis
  • Need spine surgery

You should always get a second opinion from an experienced physician like Dr. Isaza when your doctor recommends spine surgery.

How do I get a second opinion?

People sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable about asking for a second opinion, but your diagnosing doctor won’t be surprised or upset by your request. Second opinions are routine and encouraged when patients face decisions about their medical care.

You can start the process by calling Spine Specialists of Louisiana, scheduling an appointment, and signing release forms so they can get your current medical information. They need to have all of your current medical records, lab results, and diagnostic imaging before your appointment.

You may also want to check with your insurance provider to be sure they cover a second opinion. Keep in mind also that some insurance companies require a second opinion before they will pay for spine surgery.

After your appointment with Dr. Isaza, he sends a report to your original doctor to ensure your medical information is up to date and accurate.

If you need to get a second opinion for a spine problem, call Spine Specialists of Louisiana or schedule an appointment online.